Core Organizing Committee: Overall Supervision/Coordination/Monitoring and finalization of programme

1 Dr. R.R.B. Singh Chairman
2 Dr. Smita Sirohi Organizing Secretary
3 Dr. B.S. Chandel Chairman, Reception & Registration Committee
4 Dr. T.K. Datta Chairman, Scientific Session Committee
5 Dr. Sumit Arora Chairman, Inaugural Session & Alumni Meet Committee
6 Dr. A.K. Tyagi Chairman, Accommodation & Travel Committee
7 Dr. A.K. Dang Chairman, Catering Committee
8 Dr. A.K. Singh Chairman, Audio Visual  and Venue Committee
9 Dr. S.M. Deb Chairman, Press, Publicity & Publication
10 Dr. Dheer Singh Chairman, Purchase  Committee
11 Dr. Latha Sabhiki Chairman, Fund Raising Committee

Reception & Registration Committee: Reception of invitees, preparation of registration material, Registration of delegates, distribution of Invitation cards

1 Dr. B.S. Chandel Chairman DESM
2 Dr. K. Ponnusamy Convener D. Extn.
3 Dr. Ashutosh Member FM
4 Dr. Ritu Chakravarty Member D. Extn.
5 Dr. Sunita Meena Member DC
6 Dr. Suman Kapila Member ABC
7 Dr. T.K. Mohanty Member ABRC
8 Ms. Karthiga S.  





DESM Division

9 Ms. Priyanka Lal
10. Ms. Binita Kumari
11. Ms. Aditi Agrawal

Scientific session committee: Identifying session coordinator, coordination with AV & Venue Committee for smooth conduct of Special sessions and Technical sessions, take Rapporteurs    report

1 Dr.T.K.Datta Chairman ABTC
2 Dr. R. Sendhil Convener IIWBR
3 Ms. Udita Chaudhary Member DESM
4 Dr. Sanjit Maiti Member D. Extn.
5. Dr. R. Raju Member CSSRI
6 Mr. Ram Bahadur Member DESM
7. Ms. Ritu Rathod  



DESM Division

8. Mr. Arghyadeep Das
9. Ms. Soumya S.

Inaugural session & Alumni meet Committee: Venue arrangements and event management during inauguration and Alumni meet

1 Dr. Sumit Arora Chairman Dairy Chemistry
2 Ms. Gunjan Bhandari Convener DESM
3 Dr. Vivek Sharma Member DC
4 Dr. Suman Kapila Member ABC
5 Dr. S.K.Tomar Member DM
6 Dr. Priyanka S. Rao Member DC
7 Mr. Sanket Borad Member DT
8 Ms. Babita Kathayat  



DESM Division

9. Ms. Jagruti Das
10. Mr. Amit Kumar

Accommodation & Travel Committee: Arrangement of accommodation for delegates as per the designation available with reception and registration committee, Arrangement of transportation for delegates/VIPs from different arriving point to NDRI and dropping in consultation with Registration and Reception committee.  Transport arrangement as requirement arises.

Sl.No. Name Division
1 Dr.A.K.Tyagi Chairman DCN
2 Dr. Chander Dutt Convener DCN
3 Dr. J.K. Kaushik Member ABTC
4 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Member Forage
5 Dr. Nitin Tyagi Member DCN
6 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Member ABTC
7 Dr. Heena Sharma Member DT
8 Dr. Yogesh Khetra Member DT
9 Mr. J.K. Dabas Member Vehicle Pool
10 Mr. Rakesh Tonk Member DCN
11 Mr. Satish Kumar Member FM
12 Mr. Ravi Rawat Member FM
13 Mr. Adeeth Cariappa A. G.  







DESM Division

14 Mr. Arghyadeep Das
15 Mr. Balaganesh G.
16 Mr. Praphul
17 Mr. Gaurav
18 Mr. Pradeep R.
19 Mr. Revappa M.

Catering Committee:  Arrangement of breakfast, lunch, dinner & session tea.

1. Dr.A.K.Dang Chairman DCP
2. Dr. Manoj Singh Convener ABTC
3 Dr. Rajesh Bajaj Member DC
4 Dr. Sachin Kumar Member DCN
5 Er. Ankit Deep Member DE
6 Dr. Mukesh Bhakat Member LPM
7 Dr. Shaik Abdul Hussain Member DT
8 Mr. Kamlesh  



DESM Division

9 Mr. Prakash Athare
10 Mr. Amit Thakur

Audio Visual and Venue Committee: Arrangement of photo and video coverage, provide facilities and support for presentations, ensure the venue is well prepared

1 Dr. A.K.Singh Chairman DT
2 Dr. Gopal Sankhala Convener D. Extn.
3 Dr. A.K. Sharma Member Computer Centre
4 Dr. S.K.Jha Member D. Extn.
5 Dr. A.K. Mishra Member ATIC
6 Mr. Amit Thakur Students DESM Division
7 Ms. Manjisha Sinha

Press, Publicity & Publication: Taking messages from Dignitaries, Printing of Banners, invitation cards, Name plates, signage, programme details, Conference Souvenir, pre and post conference publicity in press, electronic & e-media.

1 Dr. S.M.Deb Chairman AGB
2 Dr.A.K.Chauhan Convener DESM
3 Dr. Rajiv Kaplia Member ABC
4 Dr. Rajan Sharma Member DC
5 Dr. Suneel Kumar Onteru Member ABC
6 Ms. Shweta Bijla  





DESM Division

7 Ms. Darshnaben P Mahida
8 Ms. Arti
9 Ms. Tulika Kumari

Purchase Committee: All purchases

1 Dr.Dheer Singh Chairman ABC
2 Dr. Ravinder Malhotra Convener DESM
3 Dr. A.P. Ruhil Member CC
4 Mr. Tara Chand Member DESM
5 Mr. Kunal Kalra Member FAO
6 Mr. S.S. Meena Member AAO (P)
7 Mr. D.S. Meena Member AAO(S)

Fund raising Committee

1 Dr.Latha Sabikhi Chairperson DT
2 Dr. A.K.Dixit Convener DESM
3 Dr. Kaushik Khamrui Member DT
4 Dr. H.R. Gupta Member Exp. Dairy
5 Dr. S.S. Lathwal Member LRS
6. Dr. P.K. Dixit Member SRS
7. Sh. Rakesh Kumar Kushwaha Member Hindi Officer

Medical Committee:

1 Dr.Rekha Sharma Chairperson HHC
2 Dr. Manoj Kumar Convener HHC